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These vegetables can be eaten with any combination of side dishes (rice, green bananas either fried or cooked, fried/cooked potatoes, beans, etc).

Another local favorite is ‘Ubugali’ name derived from the Congolese (DRC) Ugali. In Bujumbura, the most common Ubugali dish is made of dried cassava roots ground into a fine flour. When cooked, it becomes a thick white mash.

Ubugali is served with beef, fish sauces or the aforementioned Ilenga lenga or Isombe. Most restaurants will not have Ubugali on their menu probably because those who try it the first time find it rather bland.  Elsewhere in the country, Ubugali from corn or sorghum flours is also popular. Most bars serve basic foods such as brochettes (beef, goat, chicken, etc.), fried green bananas, fries and vegetables.

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