Lake Tanganyika

The Lake Tanganyika is one of the biggest lakes of Africa; it is the second largest lake after the Victoria Lake and the world second deepest lake after the lake Baikal in Siberia. With 676 kilometers it is also the world longest lake.

Horse riding

There is no real passion for horse riding in Burundi. This explains that there is only one horse riding center in Bujumbura called the « Cercle Hippique ».  The park is superb, its hurdles and the lawn are well kept.  The “Cercle Hippique” is open every day and possesses 21 horses of which 13 can be borrowed. Tariffs are set by the “Cercle Hippique”.



The only golf club is located in the heart of the capital. Although the club is relatively small, compared to some international golf grounds, there are some difficulties and various local and sub-regional competitions.  The “Entente sportive” club is the manager of the golf and will give you the terms and conditions of membership for the duration of your stay.

Burundi, The Heart of Africa

Visit Kibira National Park in Burundi. The largest rain forest in Burundi