For fashion lovers, Burundi counts a large number of young fashion designers highly inspired by our ancestral bark tree clothing with light touch of modernity.

Most Burundian women use ‘Igitenge’, an African print fabric. In general, women wear these to wrap themselves while at home or to carry their babies on their backs. They also wear it as a complete ensemble, sewn by a tailor. Many women also use this piece of fabric as a wrap shirt, which is paired with a tee-shirt or other type of top.

The women and girls look forward to dressing up for weddings even more. It is essential to find just the right ‘Imvutano’ – which is the traditional dress for the women of Burundi. Very simply made, the imvutano is a three piece outfit made of an average of 3 metres of lightweight fabric. Imvutano serve as symbols of pride and status. It is a beautiful sight to see a line of beautiful Burundian women performing their ceremonial duties dressed in their traditional dress.

 As far as men are concerned, most of them opt to have brand new tailor made suits. It may seem sinful for a man to attend a wedding without totally decking out in his Sunday best. At least they have one suit or jacket in their closet, which they wear for important ceremonies already cited. It is worth mentioning the finishing touches of neck and bow ties of all colors, shapes and sizes. The matching shoes sometimes go to a whole new level with men, young and old sporting alligator skin shoes, leather shoes and trainers ; these in a rainbow of colors. Teenagers from the capital preferring to don tee-shirts and jeans of popular brands.

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