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Kibira National Park

Perched at an altitude between 1,500 and 2,660 m at the top of the Congo-Nile range is Kibira Park, a majestic primeval rain forest spread over 40,000 ha. Formerly a sacred hunting preserve for the kings of Burundi, it is now a protected area and home to some 98 mammal species, a dozen primates (numerous families of chimpanzees, baboons, tailed monkeys, black colobus) as well as some 200 species of birds.


Many streams and rivers that irrigate the country in the East as well as the West have their sources in this park.

This rain forest plays a major role in the formation of the Congo and Nile River Basin and constitutes the watershed line.


While rarely visited in the recent past, Kibira National Park has become a place tourists want to visit. On your way there you pass through the impressive tea plantations of Teza and Rwegura. Once in the park, guards lead you deep into the dark undergrowth to discover the charms of this primeval forest including mesmerizing birds’ songs.


Currently there are two access points for the park: the tourist pygmies’ village of Busekera and the hydroelectric dam of Rwegura. The dam is another interesting attraction providing magnificent vistas and a charming spot for rest or an outdoor picnic


You can choose a short walk or a whole day excursion with experienced guides to visit the savannah and its extraordinary beauty.

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