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Order kamagra online australia Tues 11-13 July 8pm: www.nippet.com.au Thurs 10am- 12pm: www.facebook.com/events/529727128575981 Fridays 11am- 1pm: www.facebook.com/events/553817654711793/ This Week In Magic: Origins was a blast for both casual and constructed players, was the first set with a foil Planeswalker for every color in Magic. Of course, the Planeswalkers had a lot to answer for, but that doesn't mean there's not plenty of color-free cards to add the collection. Below is a list of 10 cards that are likely to have a place in black (or any other color) decks when they make their way into the rotation, or will be added if ever. If your deck doesn't have anything to add it yet, give these a read anyway! 10. Niv-Mizzet, God of the Forge The Planeswalker for Black, Niv-Mizzet is a good way to ensure that you have enough creatures. Like the other main color Planeswalkers, his ability allows you to remove a permanent from play and return it to your hand for one mana. This was enough to give him an appearance in the main-color decks during design of Ravnica (the original set), and Niv-Mizzet has plenty of synergy to give them the power of their namesake. Niv-Mizzet helps you get your spells and permanents back into play quickly and provides an answer when some of your early threats aren't quite enough. While it is currently restricted in Standard, you do have a few options out there now to add Niv-Mizzet your sideboards. 9. Chandra, Torch of Defiance It's time to take an offensive swing into the future, and for me, that weapon comes in the form of Chandra, Torch Defiance. If you haven't already, check out my full Chandra, Torch of Defiance guide for help in building your deck around her, as she is a card that can certainly work very well to beat any type of early-and-mid game plan. Riding the black-green wave, red-blue is one of the most diverse metagames these days, as there are a lot of different strategies and a lot of very interesting cards coming with those colors. For reasons that are clear, it can be interesting to see how much blue decks use Chandra as a vehicle Can cialis be purchased over the counter to bring out the best of their game. It has potential to come up large in a variety of formats, and I'm excited to see where it goes next. Also available online: 8. Boseiju, Nightmare Weaver The one foil Planeswalker in black-green, the other white and green planeswalker has been around since Antiquities and has had a lot more play since then. He is no more though, as Boseiju has been cast out by Wizards of the Coast in form Planechase Cube set. After that, the planeswalker was taken off bannedlist and the restricted list after a failed attempt at bringing him into Standard. present, the planewalker is legal to find in foil-form Modern. I'm excited by his card status in Pauper, as the metagame is heavily dominated by other planeswalkers and I expect that to change, if not with the cube release. I still really like the idea of putting planeswalker into decks that have powerful enough sources of cheap removal but not too much at a low cost, so I'll encourage any black-green Pauper players to look into using him in.

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